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The scientific study of animal behaviour

Saddle Fitting Course


Note: The enrolment period for 2017 has been extended to the end of March – don’t delay, enrol today!

Place of study in a special field - or an institution of distinguished scholars at a higher level of education
(From the garden where Plato the great philosopher taught, which was named after Akademos - one of the Greek heroes.)

Ethology Academy
offers Companion Animal Behaviour Courses (since 1998) in line of our mission:
To improve the quality of companionship between humans and their animals by means of education.

Ethology Academy CC is motivated by the conviction that knowledge has the power to change attitudes and improve the quality of life. Ethology Academy is also committed to provide students with efficient, professional and friendly service.

All the courses that Ethology Academy presents are essentially done by correspondence with the optional or, for some courses, the compulsory attendance of a seminar and/or a workshop. The seminars are hosted in Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal.

All the courses are one-year courses and on a tertiary level. Ethology Academy accepts applicants in possession of a Grade 12 certificate or who are older than 18 years.

The courses are designed to be done part-time thus making it possible for students involved in full time jobs to enrol.

Students who will benefit from the courses are those who love and keep companion animals as pets, breed or show with animals, work for animal welfare organisations, veterinarians, pet deli’s, grooming parlours, present puppy and dog socialisation classes, keep pet boarding kennels, are employed as dog handlers in the security industry or personnel of mounted units.
Successful students receive certificates issued by Ethology Academy.
The courses are recommended by both the South African Board for Companion Animal Professionals (SABCAP) and the Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa (ABC)

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