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CV Ben Minaar

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Ben Minaar has been breeding parrots since 1987 and as such, has studied the behavioural patterns of breeding parrots. He has obtained extensive experience in the incubation and hand-rearing of different parrot species.

At his breeding facility outside Pretoria most parrots' eggs are artificially incubated and hand-reared. He specializes in the breeding of the different Cockatoo species and cockatoos are his first love. Due to the fact that some hand-reared Cockatoo species are not good parents, it was a challenge for him to properly socialize the hand-reared babies to ensure not only good companion birds, but also good parents and breeding birds. 

On a number of occasions, Ben has visited South America where he studied South American parrots in their natural habitat in the Amazon Forests. His great interest in the behaviour of parrots inspired his study of this subject for many years.

Ben believes that all parrot breeders and owners should have a sound knowledge of parrot behaviour to ensure a lasting and happy relationship between owner and parrot and create a good quality of life for the parrot. He assisted the late Prof Johannes Odendaal in compiling the Parrot Behaviour Course and is keen to proceed with the work initiated by Prof Odendaal.

He is a member of the executive committee of PASA (Parrot Breeders Association of South Africa) and has addressed many bird clubs on invitation on the subject of parrot behaviour.

CV Photo - Ben Minnaar

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