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CV Dr Frederique Hurly

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Dr Frederique Hurly – Curriculum Vitae

Dr Hurly has been passionate about animals from a very young age and always knew that she wanted to be a veterinarian. This dream became a reality when she qualified as a veterinarian in 1997. After working at other veterinary facilities, she opened her own practice in Benoni in 2003. In 2009 she sold her share of the practice to enable her to spend more time with her family. Always willing to help, she dedicated a lot of her spare time to animal welfare, building a clinic at the Boksburg SPCA in 2001, and offering her services there until 2007.

Always having an interest in animal behaviour, she continued education in this field. She is one of the highest qualified veterinary behaviourists in South Africa at present. Having done many behaviour consultations she opened a behaviour only veterinary facility in January 2013, one of the first in the country (BehaviVet Consultancy, She has the view that clients need a good understanding about their pets behaviour, only then can they understand why their pet engages in certain behaviours and how they can be helped. Helping the pet and client with behaviour problems and problem behaviours does not only benefit the quality of life for the pet, but also strengthens the human-animal bond.

She has appeared in several TV shows on animal behaviour and is the veterinarian in the program Troeteldiere on Radio Sonder Grense RSG every second week. She frequently writes articles for magazines, journals and writes the monthly behaviour column in the veterinary news magazine. She presents seminars and courses for the general public, pet owners, breeders, welfare assistants and other interested parties in the animal world. She is the external examiner for the Veterinary Ethology students at the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria. She presents at local and international veterinary congresses.

She has been involved with Ethology Academy for several years, and when Hanna offered her the opportunity to take ownership she did not hesitate. Being passionate about behaviour, she loves to share her knowledge with students, and gives heaps of practical information during the seminars. Together with Hannes, there are many exciting ideas to grow Ethology Academy.

She is married to Charles, who supports her in all her endeavors. They have two children, Amy aged 5 and Christopher aged 2 . They live on a small holding, and share the property with four dogs: Jasper a wirehaired dachshund, Cindy a smooth dachshund, Timothy a Terveuren Belgian Shepherd and Schrimpie a Malinois Belgian Shepherd.

BVSc – University of Pretoria, 1997
MPhil (Wildlife management)– University of Pretoria, 2008
MANZCVS (Veterinary behaviour) – Australian and New Zealand College for Veterinary Scientists, 2013

Companion animal behaviour basic course – University of Pretoria 1998
Companion animal behaviour advanced course – Technikon Pretoria2002
Veterinary behaviour medicine – University of Pretoria, 2010
Veterinary behaviour medicine – University of Sydney, 2012

Presentations at Congresses
SABCAP Congress, 2009
SABCAP Congress, 2010
SABCAP Congress, 2011
SAVA Southern Cape Congress, 2010
ABIG Congress 2012
ABIG Congress 2013
SAVA Congress 2012
World Veterinary Congress 2011
International Behaviour Meeting 2011
Australian Veterinary Science Week 2013
International Congress of Environmental Enrichment 2013

South African Veterinary Council (SAVC)
South African Veterinary Association (SAVA)
Animal Behaviour and Interaction Group of the SAVA (ABIG)(Chairperson)
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
Golden Key Honors Society
Australian and New Zealand College for Veterinary Scientists
Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa (ABC of SA), senior accredited member
South African Board for Companion Animal Professionals (SABCAP)

CV Photo - Freddie Hurly

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