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CV Karen Gray-Kilfoil

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For over 18 years, Karen has consulted pet owners, successfully treating hundreds of dogs and cats (and some owners!) with behaviour problems.

Karen continues to develop her own methods based on co-operation. Her practice evolves as a result of working closely with and studying the work of various animal behaviourists and humane educators. Karen’s high standard of work in the field of animal behaviour has gained recognition among veterinarians and animal trainers with whom she works closely, and has also brought media attention. Karen has been featured on national television, radio and in print. She has written articles for numerous publications and gives talks and demonstrations to interested groups.

She has been running puppy classes since 1996. Karen has also been involved with and supports a variety of animal welfare organizations. She runs a voluntary humane education and animal-assisted activity programme called Animals for Fun!, a programme that promotes humane animal education for children and prisoners.

Karen holds a B.A. degree in Social Sciences and Humanities, with special emphasis on social, developmental and educational psychology. Included in the degree is one year of biology. She has also worked as a qualified pre-primary school teacher.  Karen has an Advanced Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour presented by the Department Veterinary Ethology at the University of Pretoria and Ethology Academy. Karen also has a certificate in Animal-Assisted Activities from Ethology Academy.

Karen is a founder member and an Accredited Animal Behaviour Consultant of S.A. (canine and feline) and complies with their constitution and code of ethics.   Karen is registered with the South African Board for Companion Animal Professionals as a Companion Animal Behaviourist and an Animal Assisted Activity Practitioner.

Karen lives in Fish Hoek outside of Cape Town.  Her other interests include animal assisted therapy, original play, oriental and martial arts, crafts, dancing, travel, wildlife, education and natural and complementary healing.

CV Photo - Karen Gray-Kilfoil

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