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CV Mari Borain

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Mari Borain studied for a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Natal before working in the United States. After returning to South Africa, she worked in public relations for television and newspaper publications to help fund further studies in the field of animal behaviour.
Her passion to work full time with animals took her along various routes – a cat rescue sanctuary, domestic and wildlife rehabilitation, penguin rescue, and she helped set up training programmes at a dog school where she was the only qualified animal behaviourist.

In 2010 Mari launched her own company, GoodPet Trading, which focuses on every aspect of dog and other domestic animal interaction. She has a holistic approach and works closely with other experts in the field who are committed to gaining and sharing knowledge.

Mari has diplomas for Bird, Cat, Dog and Horse Behaviour, as well as Advanced Dog Behaviour and Animal Assisted Activity. She has focused much attention on teaching people to handle dogs and has completed with honours various instructor courses.

She has been asked to testify in court as an expert witness on errant dog behaviour.
She is currently furthering her studies as a T-Touch Practitioner, which is recognized worldwide. This art increases communication skills and deepens the relationship between animals and people through a gentle method of bodywork and movement exercises that positively influences behaviour, performance and well-being.
Mari is an accredited member of SABCAP (South African Board for Companion Animal professionals) where she is a committee member. She is also an accredited handler for Paws For People which uses dogs to assist with rehabilitation of chronically ill patients.

She is particularly interested in the link between human psychology and animal behaviour and has encouraged others to explore the fascinating scientific study of animal behaviour via her GoodPet website ( and group on Facebook.

Her greatest passion is to see committed people producing results while doing what they enjoy. She shares space in Durban with a Boerbul, snakes, tortoises, fish, frogs and a few human beings whom she is trying to persuade to behave more like animals!

Besides her love for animals she is also an accomplished dancer and has taken part in various shows such as Shall We Dance at the Durban Playhouse.

CV Photo - Mari Chester

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