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Grooming Business

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Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for enquiring about the Pet Grooming Business Course.

The aim of this course is to equip students with the knowledge to start and manage a pet grooming parlour based on sound ethological and ethical principles. Although not a prerequisite, we do advise and encourage students to consider enrolling for our Basic Behaviour Course: Dogs either before or while doing the Pet Grooming course.

Students who have successfully completed this course can apply for accreditation with South African Board for Companion Animal Professionals.

Ms Sharon Jordan and Drs Frederique Hurly and Hannes Slabbert present the Pet Grooming Business Course jointly. Sharon is a very experienced groomer who owns a mobile grooming parlour in Benoni. She is responsible for the workshop and practical part of the course while Drs Hurly and Slabbert are responsible for presentations at the seminar as well as the business side.

The course is divided into four modules:
  1. Animals in the Grooming Parlour: all animal aspects as experienced in the grooming parlour including hair types, cleaning of special areas, dipping, skin and coat disorders
  2. Practical handling of animals: observation and practical grooming
  3. The Pet Grooming Business
  4. Professionalism and business communication

The course is essentially done through correspondence, but students are required to attend a 3 day workshop/seminar presented in Benoni. Evaluation of practical skills (will be done during workshop). The seminar/workshop consists of:
  • A one-day seminar (7 June 2017)
  • A two-day workshop ( two consecutive days: either 5 and 6 June 2017, or 8 and 9 June 2017)

Students need to complete eight assignments through the year and complete 40 hours of practical work at a parlour of their choice.

The final two-hour theoretical examination takes place on the 4th November 2017 at a venue close to the student

The course is presented from February to November each year. Registration for this course takes place from 2 January to 28 February 2017. Students may enrol earlier (in 2016) but the study material will only be posted as from the 2nd January 2017 and once proof of payment has been received. The course fee for the Grooming Course for 2017 is R 7 950. The fee includes the study material, a grooming text book, assignments, attendance of the seminar and the evaluation fee. Travel to and accommodation at the seminar is not included in the course fee.

Due to the practical nature of the course, students will be required to sign an indemnity form.

As Ethology Academy is committed to provide each student with individual attention the number of students for this course is limited to 20 per year.

How to enrol for this course:
Go to the website
  • Click on ‘Enrol’
  • Read ‘Terms of Agreement
  • Complete and submit the enrolment form and financial agreement form if only the registration fee is paid when enrolling.
  • Pay the appropriate fee
  • Provide Dr Frederique Hurly with confirmation of payment

Do not hesitate to get in touch should you need more information.

Best regards
Dr Frederique Hurly
(Veterinary behaviour)
Course administrator, Ethology Academy

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